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1.100095Challenges on Data Leakage
1.200096What is the purpose of Curtain e-locker?
1.300058Backend systems(e.g. Windows file server) also have access control. Why do we need Curtain e-locker?
1.400059USB port and Internet access are blocked in my company. Why do we need Curtain e-locker?
1.5-About Curtain e-locker
1.5.100011Basic Controls of Curtain e-locker
1.5.200063Architecture of Curtain e-locker
1.5.300052Components of Curtain e-locker
1.5.400037Curtain Protected Zone
2-Preparation before Installation
2-Preparation before Installation
2.100062High-level Installation Plan
2.2-System Requirements
2.2.100010System Requirements of Curtain Server Plug-in and Curtain Admin
2.2.200009System Requirements of Curtain Client
2.300078Curtain Basic Access Rights
2.4-Open Port for Curtain e-locker
2.4.100118Open Port 24821 and 24822 for Curtain Admin and Curtain Server Plug-in
2.4.200140Open Port 24821 and 24822 for Curtain Client
2.4.300202Check whether Tomcat Port 8005 is occupied on Curtain Server Plug-in
2.4.400193Change Tomcat Port 8005 for Curtain Server Plug-in
3.100064Install Curtain Admin
3.200065Install Curtain Server Plug-in
3.300066Install Curtain Client
4-Product Activation
4-Product Activation
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