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Question:How to check whether Tomcat Port 8005 is occupied on Curtain Server Plug-in?
Answer:Tomcat will be automatically installed during installation of Curtain Plug-in Server. In order to avoid conflict of Port 8005, please check whether the port is already in use before installing Curtain Plug-in Server. If Port 8005 is already occupied, please continue to install Curtain Plug-in Server. After installation of Curtain Server Plug-in, please change Tomcat port for Curtain Plug-in Server before rebooting the server (please refer to FAQ 00193 for how to change Tomcat port).

Steps to check the status of Port 8005:
1. In Command Prompt, enter netstat -ano|findstr "8005", and press Enter.

2. If port 8005 isn't occupied, it will return None. As shown below:

3. If port 8005 have been used, search results would be listed out. As shown below:

4. Use the listed PID to find out the application name. In Command Prompt, enter tasklist|findstr "3956", and press "Enter" key (in this example, PID is 3956).

5. Modify server.xml file to change Tomcat Port for Curtain Plug-in Server (please refer to FAQ 00193).