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Question:How to enable/disable Curtain Debug Log?
Answer:To enable/disable Curtain Debug Log, please follow below steps:
1. Launch Command Prompt (by selecting Start menu > Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt)
2. Enter "regedit" to launch Registry Editor
3. Go to \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Coworkshop\Curtain 3
4. Enable Curtain Debug Log:
  • To Enable the log, Set DebugLog = a

5. Reproduce problem

6. Send log files under the locations stated below to Curtain Support Team;

Locations for Vista and above system :
  • \\installation path\Coworkshop\Curtain 3\cbin\log
  • \\Users\username\CurtainLog

Locations for Vista and below system :
  • \\installation path\Coworkshop\Curtain 3\cbin\log
  • \\Users\username\CurtainLog

For example:
C:\Program Files\Coworkshop\Curtain 3\CBin\Log
C:\Program Files (x86)\Coworkshop\Curtain 3\CBin\Log
C: \Users\tester\CurtainLog

P.S. For 64-bit operating system, please send logs under both "Program Files" and "Program Files (x86)".

7. After the completion of the operation, please remember to stop the debug log:
  • To Disable the log, Set DebugLog = 0

P.S. Please remember to disable the log after use. It is because the log may take a lot space of hard-disk.