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Question:What are the basic components of Curtain MonGuard?
Answer:There are 2 basic components of Curtain MonGuard:
  • Curtain MonGuard Client
  • Curtain MonGuard Admin (for the machine having Curtain MonGuard Admin, we call it Curtain Policy Server)

Curtain MonGuard Client:
When administrators want to display watermark on screen in user's computers, Curtain MonGuard Client must be installed in those computers.

Curtain MonGuard Admin:
Curtain MonGuard Admin is mainly for administrators to define Curtain control policies centrally. In general, only one Curtain MonGuard Admin is needed in a company.

- Curtain MonGuard Admin can be installed on physical machine or virtual machine (VM).
- For standalone computer, Curtain MonGuard Admin and Client can be installed on the same machine. It is recommended to enable password protection for Curtain MonGuard Admin for preventing users to change control policy.