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Question:What is the difference between Curtain e-locker and other solutions in the market?
Answer:Solutions Currently Available:
  • Some solutions can control usage of documents (e.g. Print, Read, copy). However, the control policies are set by document owner. That means… if I am a designer and just create a design file, I can set who can access this file and how they use the file. We believe it is not the solution top management looking for.
  • Some solutions only support a few applications (e.g. only support Microsoft Office).
  • Some solutions use proprietary file format. They do not work if users need to use original applications to process the documents.
  • Some solutions allow administrator to define what sensitive information is. The system will scan through the whole network and PCs to locate and control the information. However, it is hard for administrator to define the rules. Moreover, the solutions are too complicated to setup, and they do not work on graphics and images very well.
  • Some solutions only block some channels (such as USB, Internet, or email), but leave other channels open.

In short, there is no complete solution in the market, except Curtain e-locker.