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FAQ No.:00103 
Category:Advanced Settings; Backend Systems 

Question:How to setup demo environment for KM DocNet?
Answer:Steps to setup demo environment for KM DocNet:
1. In Curtain Admin, select "File > Settings".

2. In Server Information tab, click Add button to add server information as below.
Server Address: demo.docnet.com.hk
Port: 8443 (for communication between Curtain Admin and Curtain Server Plug-in).

3. In Protected Web Application, check "Enable Protection" and add the following paths to Protected Web Application
- demo.docnet.com.hk:443
- demo.docnet.com.hk:80
- demo.docnet.com.hk:21
Select "Protected by SDK" for all paths.

4. In Curtain Client, Launch Secure IE and browse the address http://demo.docnet.com.hk
Login: coworkshop / Q...
Login: curtain / Q...

5. Done