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FAQ No.:00016 
Category:Backend Systems; Curtain Server Plug-in; Encryption 

Question:How does Curtain e-locker work with backup software?
Answer:Curtain e-locker does not encrypt data in server-side (e.g. Protected share folder in Windows File Server). Therefore, it does not affect server-side backup system. If a remote backup server needs to backup data of Protected share folder, administrators can set exception in Curtain Admin for that backup server. Then the backup server can access Protected share folder for data backup without any Curtain controls.

If customers are using backup software to backup data in client-side, the software cannot backup data in local Protected Directory because Curtain does not allow non-Curtain supported application to access data in Local Protected Directory. We encourage users to upload important files to server-side periodically. In general, data in server-side will be backup every day. If customers really want to use client-side backup software, customization may be needed.