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FAQ No.:00033 
Category:Curtain Admin; Curtain Client; Data Leakage; Feature - Online Offline Protection; Networking 

Question:If Curtain Client cannot connect to Curtain Admin (due to network problem or failure of Curtain Admin), does it affect normal usage of sensitive information? does it cause data leakage?
Answer:No, it does not affect normal usage of sensitive information. Definitely, it does NOT cause any data leakage.

Actually, the latest control policy was downloaded to Curtain Clients from Curtain Admin in last connection. When Curtain Client cannot connect to Curtain Admin, the policy is used to control usages of sensitive information. That means users still can work with data in Protected Zone. Unauthorized activities to sensitive information are still blocked by Curtain e-locker. The only difference is administrators cannot change or apply new control policy to Curtain Clients until the problem is solved.

P.S. Users must be allowed to use sensitive data in Offline mode (or disconnection within a period of time). Please refer to Online/Offline Protection.