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FAQ No.:00058 
Category:Backend Systems; Sales & Marketing 

Question:Backend systems (e.g. Windows file server) also have access control. Why do we need Curtain e-locker?
Answer:Yes, backend systems also have access control. However, backend systems can only control permission of Read, Edit, Delete, and etc. If administrators allow users to access server information (e.g. a share folder and ERP system), backend systems CANNOT stop the users to save files to local drive, USB hard-disk, or send files out through email. This area is responsible by Curtain e-locker. Therefore, Curtain e-locker is like to work with your backend systems, instead of replacing them. When a user is allowed to access server resources, administrators can adopt Curtain e-locker to prevent the user to take sensitive information out of the company.

For example: It is permission setting for a Windows folder. There is no option for controlling Print and Save.