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FAQ No.:00142 
Category:Advanced Settings; Curtain Server Plug-in 

Question:How to set Exception Rule?
Answer:The function of Exception Rule provides the flexibility to administrators to allow some workstations without Curtain Client installed to access protected resources in particular server. Therefore, this function is set in Curtain Server Plug-in.

Steps to set Exception Rule:
1. Open Curtain Server Plug-in by selecting "Start -> Programs -> Coworkshop Curtain e-locker -> Secure Network Manager"

2. Click "Rule..." button and select appropriate protection type.

3. If "Protect Only Address List" or "Protect Except Address List" is selected, click "Add" button to add workstation's IP to the list.

4. Choose Address Type and input the address accordingly.

5. Click "OK" to confirm.

6. Click "Save" and "Refresh" button.

P.S. When click "Close" button, the system will prompt message to ask whether to restart the server or not. Simply click "No" to exit .

7. Done.