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Question:What is high-level installation plan for Curtain MonGuard?
  • Which computers do you want to display watermark on screen?
  • What kind of screen watermark do you want to apply (e.g. Full Screen Watermark or Application Screen Watermark)?
  • Duration of displaying screen watermark (e.g. always or specific time slot)?
  • Which server will act as Curtain Policy server (i.e. Curtain MonGuard Admin will be installed on that server)?
  • Do you want to integrate Curtain MonGuard with Active Directory (so that control policy can be granted to AD user/user group)?

High-level installation plan:
1. Install Curtain MonGuard Admin
2. Install Curtain MonGuard Client on user's workstations
3. Activate Curtain MonGuard
4. Define format of screen watermark
5. Create and configure control policy groups in Curtain MonGuard Admin
6. Connect with Active Directory for collecting user information, if you prefer to grant control policy by user/user-group
7. Assign workstations/users to different policy groups
8. Done

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