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00008Can Curtain e-locker support Mac or Linux workstation?
00009What are the system requirements of Curtain Client?
00012Can users change file extension in Protected Zone? does it cause data leakage?
00014Does Curtain e-locker affects Normal applications and files in Non-Protected Zone?
00017Where does Curtain e-locker do encryption?
00018What is the encryption algorism used?
00019Can users steal information by attaching local hard-disk to another PC?
00020If OS of user's workstation is crashed, can data in Local Protected Directory be recovered?
00021Does Curtain e-locker support Virtual Private Network (VPN)?
00022Will data in Protected Zone be leaked to the public through Peer-to-Peer (P2P) software (such as Foxy or BT)?
00023Can users use USB devices and/or Internet after implementing Curtain e-locker?
00030An employee is going to leave the company. How to stop this employee to access sensitive documents?
00032How to check status of Curtain Clients (e.g. version or last connection time)?
00033If Curtain Admin is down, what does it happen?
00034Can workstations without Curtain Client access Protected server resource (e.g. Protected share folder)?
00036How to enable/disable Curtain Debug Log?
00038Can the location of Local Protected Directory be changed?
00042If IP address or hostname of user's workstation has been changed, does it affect Curtain e-locker?
00043Does Curtain e-locker conflict with other software?
00044If Curtain related services are stopped by users, what does it happen?
00045How does Curtain e-locker handle Insert Object and other similar functions?
00046How to share Protected files with others?
00047How to convert FAT32 to NTFS?
00048Does Curtain e-locker affect performance of workstations?
00050Can users download files from server to Local Protected Directory when they are out of office?
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