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00010What are the system requirements of Curtain Server Plug-in and Curtain Admin?
00027Does Curtain e-locker support multiple locations?
00031How to apply Curtain e-locker patches?
00032How to check status of Curtain Clients (e.g. version or last connection time)?
00033If Curtain Admin is down, what does it happen?
00035How many clients a Curtain Admin can control?
00038Can the location of Local Protected Directory be changed?
00049Can Curtain Admin be installed on administrator's PC?
00052What are the basic components and architecture of Curtain e-locker?
00053How does Curtain e-locker control documents in non-Protected Zone?
00064How to install Curtain Admin?
00067How to check hostname of a machine?
00068What is Product Activation?
00069How to activate Curtain e-locker?
00070What is Housekeeping?
00071What is Online/Offline Protection?
00072What is Protect First Draft?
00078What is Curtain basic access rights?
00079Does Curtain e-locker have system log?
00082How to create Control Policy Group?
00083How to set a Control Policy Group to default policy?
00084How to configure Control Policy Group?
00085How to define Protected server resources?
00086How to assign workstations/users to Control Policy Group?
00089How to migrate Curtain Admin to a new machine?
00104How to restart the Service of Curtain Admin and Curtain Client?
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