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00001Does Curtain e-locker support multi-lingual?
00002Which file extension Curtain e-locker supports?
00003Which application Curtain e-locker supports?
00004How to protect non Curtain supported application?
00005How to protect self developed system?
00006Can Curtain e-locker protect files in Windows File Server?
00007Can Curtain e-locker protect files in Linux Samba Server?
00008Can Curtain e-locker support Mac or Linux workstation?
00009What are the system requirements of Curtain Client?
00010What are the system requirements of Curtain Server Plug-in and Curtain Admin?
00011What is Curtain basic control?
00012Can users change file extension in Protected Zone? does it cause data leakage?
00013How does Curtain e-locker handle Copy and Paste?
00014Does Curtain e-locker affects Normal applications and files in Non-Protected Zone?
00015Is Domain necessary for using Curtain e-locker?
00016How does Curtain e-locker work with backup software?
00017Where does Curtain e-locker do encryption?
00018What is the encryption algorism used?
00019Can users steal information by attaching local hard-disk to another PC?
00020If OS of user's workstation is crashed, can data in Local Protected Directory be recovered?
00021Does Curtain e-locker support Virtual Private Network (VPN)?
00022Will data in Protected Zone be leaked to the public through Peer-to-Peer (P2P) software (such as Foxy or BT)?
00023Can users use USB devices and/or Internet after implementing Curtain e-locker?
00024If an application releases a new version, can Curtain e-locker support it?
00025Can Curtain e-locker protect data in Network-attached storage (NAS)?
00026Can Curtain e-locker protect data in Storage Area Network (SAN)?
00027Does Curtain e-locker support multiple locations?
00028Can Curtain encrypted data be decrypted by another company (which is also using Curtain e-locker)?
00029How to uninstall Curtain e-locker system in the future? any procedures or guidelines?
00030An employee is going to leave the company. How to stop this employee to access sensitive documents?
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